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working together will be...

A Good Time



Two female entrepreneurs working together?! Magic y'all.  You don’t need to come up with all the ideas on your own — I’m here to help you come up with concepts that convert.

I truly believe soooo many entrepreneurs are leaving cash on the table by not utilizing video marketing. Proof is in the numbers -- let's get you on track to make big money this year.

Say goodbye to boring and stiff video marketing...I'm here to make this process FUN. The experience of working together will be the perfect cocktail of high end + relaxed. 




videos edited specific to your brand

unique films that convert

a genuine, intentional approach 

Start Here:

The Process


step one

inquire & proposal will be sent to you


step two

to book: signed contract + first payment locks you in, with a monthly payment plan moving forward until balance is paid


step tHREE

onboarding: client is sent planning board to begin the pre-production process


step FOUR

pre-production:  zoom calls, questionnaires, script writing, etc


step FIVE

production day!


step SIX

receive first drafts (revision round included!)


step SEVEN

final films delivered


What are your packages and pricing?

You can access our pricing guide here

I want to get video done but i'm uncomfortable in front of the camera...

My advice is....Show up and do it anyway.  As someone who's plus size and has spent way too much of my life hating myself and speaking awful things about my body - I get it.  I really encourage you to push through those insecurities. Pleaseee don't put off being in front of the camera (whether it's mine, your significant others, your friends) - you're amazing, you have something incredible to share with the world, and your body is the least interesting thing about you. 
Trust, communication & comfortability for my clients is important to me, so please know this topic can be an open conversation with us. I'm here to film you in a way that makes you feel confident and heard. If there's certain insecurities you have, a specific side you favor, etc, those are all things I ask & take into consideration while filming - and if you ever need a pep talk, a few minutes alone to calm your nerves, or glass of champagne - I'm here for ya.  :)

How do I pick a location? What do I wear?

Those are great questions that we cover in our strategy call. :) I’m here to help make those decisions and guide you towards what makes sense with the creative direction for your specific shoot - If you don't have a specific set location in mind, I'll pitch 2-3 location options to you based on the creative direction of your shoot.
I have a style guide for clothing & accessories, but if you feel you need more 1-on-1 assistance, I also have connections with stylists!

Will you help me think of video ideas?

Hell yeah!!! That’s part of the reason you’re hiring me! ;) But seriously, I LOVEEEE brainstorming concepts and figuring out how we can make you + your brand shine through best. 

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